Kvichak Marine Industries (pronounced Kweejack) is an aluminum boat builder located in Seattle, Washington USA. Kvichak designs their own craft in-house and also builds boats designed by others. The majority of Kvichak’s boats are moderate to high deadrise planning monohulls or high L/B catamarans powered by propellers or waterjets.

Kvichak engineers need confidence in the resistance and powering predictions they make for the boats they are building and use HydroComp’s NavCad software for this purpose.

NavCad is used to analyze the location of LCG to see how sensitive the platform is based upon its length, beam, deadrise and weight at the target speed or speeds. The results of this sensitivity study give Kvichak confidence in locating fuel and other loads which vary during regular operations. Not placing these loads in the proper place results in a vessel with very different characteristics as displacement changes.

Kvichak has a lot of confidence in the resistance and powering predictions from NavCad. When working in collaboration with outside designers they will use NavCad to do a peer check of the designer’s information, once main propulsion engines and target speed are decided on.

This confidence in NavCad is strengthened when they perform a full scale trial on a new build or design after launching a new boat. NavCad is used to select propellers and gear ratios, and predict performance during trials. The results from NavCard are validated during builder trials. The NavCad results are so reliable they use NavCad and data from the builder trials to refine in house resistance prediction methods which are then used in the design of future vessels.

The confidence Kvichak has in NavCad allows them to concentrate on building aluminum boats. Over the past 30 years Kvichak has built over 500 commercial, fishing and government vessels.

Kvichak is a NavCad user since 2006.

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