HydroComp is more than the premier software developer of hydrodynamic analysis tools. Our propeller design consulting services have allowed us to become involved in some remarkable, significant, and at times, peculiar projects. Over the past three decades, our propeller designs have ranged from the massive to the minuscule, from the unique to the common, from the screaming fast to the mundane slow, from the everyday ordinary to the highly clandestine world of the military. (Sssh. We can’t divulge those secrets!)

• Workboats, LNG ferries? No problem.
• Superyachts, cruiseships, ferries? Easy.
• Shrimpers, trawlers? Of course!
• Tugs, towboats? Totally.
• Submersibles, AUVs, and diver propulsion? Yes, indeed.
• High speed SWATH, OPVs, even military fast attack craft? Check.
• How about pool toys? Yup
• What about noise abatement issues? We do that, too.
• Power demands? Fuel consumption? Energy efficiencies? It all happens here.

But wait, there’s more… We designed a propeller for a foil-borne surfboard, created a propeller-nozzle for a stand-up paddleboard, and a pump impeller design for personal jet propulsion. (You read that right, a jetpack! Can an amphibious Mars lander be far behind?) We even had our fifteen minutes of fame – what we refer to as our ”Hollywood moment”; designing the Deepsea Challenger for James Cameron, a research submarine which explored the Mariana trench. We also accurately recreated a propeller for a historical vessel, the battleship USS Iowa.

We approach propulsion problems in new and innovative ways allowing us extend services beyond the maritime community for work on hydro turbines, aquaculture, even pharmaceutical food mixers. HydroComp experience and know-how means customers can trust us to work with unconventional casting components, such as aluminum, steel, wood, and plastics.

Some truly remarkable companies have come to HydroComp for their propeller design needs. We thank all the companies we’ve collaborated with over the decades for these engineering challenges. After 33 years of propeller creativity, we’re just warming up!

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