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Marine Performance Technology Exchange

November 2008

  • Contribution of a nozzle in ducted propeller performance
  • Magazine article: Applied hydrodynamics
  • IBEX 2008 technical presentation – Chronic Propeller Problems

April 2007

  • Vertical Prismatic: The Forgotten Coefficient
  • HydroComp’s new web log
  • Technical presentation – Propeller Properties for Vibration Analysis

April 2006

  • Design power and RPM for propeller sizing
  • Stern wedges
  • HydroComp and Design Systems & Technologies Celebrate 15 Years

October 2005

  • Effect of shallow water on speed and performance
  • Performance differences in fresh and salt water
  • WMTC 2006 presentation – Inboard Propeller Cavitation
  • Presentation and seminar services

May 2005

  • Predicting performance by scaling from another boat
  • Fine-tuning pitch on a propeller

September 2004

  • Estimating a nominal hydrodynamic pitch for a variable pitch distribution
  • New insights into cupped propellers

March 2004

  • Leading-edge bluntness of hydrofoils
  • Model testing

September 2003

  • Singing propellers
  • Half angle of entrance
  • Thrust and power factors for propeller material and ISO class
  • New software numbering system

July 2003

  • Four blades or five?
  • The three modes of cavitating performance

January 2003

  • Performance trends with propeller tunnels
  • Validation study of Delft sailing yacht model
  • Transfer of parametric data from hull design and hydrostatics software