HydroComp tools are well suited for the sizing and analysis of propellers for boats and ships of all sizes. These tools provide the proper selection of propulsion system components – engine, gear and propeller – and has been selected as the principal propeller sizing tool by many of the best known manufacturers and distributors of marine engines and propellers.

HydroComp PropExpert® is an application sales tool for most propeller sizings. This is the least expensive program and the easiest to use. Given our experience with propeller builders, the software acquisition schedule tends to relate directly to the background and training of the technical staff. PropExpert is always acquired first as it provides immediate sales return with the least amount of technical training. It is used for the sizing of the propeller diameter, pitch, blades, etc., to match the boat and engine specifications.

PropExpert was developed especially for propulsion equipment vendors, but anyone sizing commercial propellers should use it. You can install this program for your entire sales staff and up to three users at any one time can run it. You can also set up a common file location for projects, as well as equipment data files(e.g., engines, propellers). The stand-alone license is typically given to the main user of the software but it is also used to take PropExpert away from the network so that it can be used at a customer’s office, a shipyard or a trade show. Its reports are prepared in a user-friendly format so that you can deliver them directly to your customers.

HydroComp NavCad® can be considered a “superset” of PropExpert. If you have NavCad you will have all of the technical features in PropExpert. NavCad has the detailed technical analysis which is often requested of propeller builders and contains propeller sizing capabilities in a way that allows for much more control over the propeller performance options. Most NavCad users have an engineering degree in naval architecture.

Recommended software for Speed/Power Prediction
NavCad: for all boats and ships
PropExpert: for work boats and pleasure craft