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Learn more about HydroComp! HydroComp, Inc. was established in 1984 to provide powering analysis services to naval architects and shipbuilders. Best known for our award-winning NavCad® software, HydroComp is regarded as the premier source for performance prediction software, consulting, and knowledge..

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NavCad Video Tutorials

Rapid Design Space Optimization

HydroComp NavCad is internationally-recognized as the gold-standard for resistance and propulsion prediction for naval architects. With the recent introduction of the Premium Edition, NavCad is now able to provide integrated support for design optimization…

Features of NavCad Premium Edition

See the new features for NavCad Premium, HydroComp’s latest and most advance package containing a collection of major new capabilities! This webinar will demonstrate some of the new premium tools and much more…

NavCad and Barge Resistance

Sometimes the least sophisticated vehicle is the hardest to analyze. With respect to resistance, this is definitely the case with barges. In this webinar, we will review three different barge configurations for analysis in NavCad – individual box barges, river barge trains (with pushboat), and integrated tug-barge units (ITB/ATB)…

NavCad 2014 Jumpstart Presentation

We invite you to see NavCad 2014 first hand with this “NavCad 2014 Jumpstart Presentation”. While this 30 minute presentation is intended to discuss new features for existing users, you might find it to be a good introduction to NavCad and we welcome you to join us.

About NavCad 2013 for existing users

This is a short introduction to the important new features of NavCad 2013 for users of legacy versions of the software.

PropCad Video Tutorials

Introduction to PropCad

PropCad 2014 is a powerful update to PropCad 2011 which introduces many new design tools, an updated interface, and powerful new features. Join HydroComp for this introduction to propeller design in PropCad 2014…

Importing legacy files Into PropCad

This video reviews how to import legacy PropCad 4 files (from PropCad 2011 and earlier) into the latest version of PropCad. This procedure is used in PropCad 2014 and newer…

Exporting a PropCad design to Solidworks

This short video demonstrates how to prepare a PropCad propeller design for export to Solidworks. We will export the geometry from PropCad and run the macro within the Solidworks software…

Recreating a Propeller Design from a Drawing

Propeller builders and marine engineers will find value in this review of recreating a design from a drawing. This PropCad session reviews manual entry of distributions (pitch, skew, rake, chords) and section shapes and culminates in a new 3D model and 2D drawing.

Propeller Thickness, Class Societies, and Compliance

(Note: there is a 1:30 minute audio delay at the beginning.)
In this webinar, HydroComp will review an important subject for propeller builders: compliance with classification society thickness rules. We will discuss selection of classification societies, rule applicability, materials, variations and similarities between society rules, and important “need-to-know” caveats that anyone using these calculations should master…

Scan Converter for Propeller Feature Extraction

HydroComp PropCad is often used to interpret existing propellers, patterns, and scan reports in order to recreate legacy designs. The Scan Converter utility – which is now a part of PropCad Premium Edition – is used to extract propeller features such as pitch, chord, skew, rake, thickness and section offsets using 3D data points collected from a physical propeller or pattern.

Design of Patterns with PropCad Premium

HydroComp PropCad features a new Premium Edition utility for creating propeller patterns and mold geometries. The new “Pattern Corrections” utility allows users to rapidly create casting patterns, mold geometries, and machining models by specifying the machine stock and shrinkage factors to be applied to the original PropCad design model.

PropCad – Adding r/R sections and root fillets

This video reviews how to add new radial positions to a propeller project in PropCad. Sections can be added to intersect the blade and the hub geometries, and finally root fillets can be defined and visualized.

PropExpert Video Tutorials

Introduction to PropExpert

Learn about PropExpert, HydroComp’s propeller selection tool for the sizing and analysis of propellers for work boats and pleasure craft. It provides the tools needed for the proper selection of propulsion system components – engine, gear and propeller – and is the principal sizing tool of manufacturers and distributors.

Using Prior Trial with PropExpert

In this webinar, HydroComp will review a vessel which is requesting a new propeller. A client with a 14.5m motor yacht wants to increase top speed from 19.2 knots on trial to a desired 26 kts. We also encourage anyone interested in PropExpert to join us and see how PropExpert can increase their analytical capabilities.

PropExpert 2013 for Existing Users

This is a short introduction to the important new features of PropExpert 2013 for users of previous versions of the software.

PropElements Video Tutorials

About HydroComp PropElements 2017

Considering CFD for Propellers? Watch this webinar to learn how to use PropElements to conduct preliminary design space investigations, and establish benchmarks for CFD model validation.

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