At this time, the PropCad demo is unavailable. The interactive presentation below is an excellent introduction to PropCad:

Our PropCad webinars are available here:

  • Free webinar – PropCad 2014 Debut

    Click here to view the recorded webinar (October 21. 2014 – 10:15AM EST)…
    PropCad 2014 is a powerful update to PropCad 2011 which introduces many new design tools, an updated interface, and powerful new features. Join HydroComp for this introduction to propeller design in PropCad 2014. In this presentation, HydroComp will guide you through the new table-based interface, the parametric Builder, and extensively updated Strength & Materials. Additionally, we will discuss some advanced features such as Classification Societies, CAD/CAM exports, point cloud scanning, and the new smoothing and design tools. The presentation will demonstrate the capabilities of PropCad for new and existing users, and is an excellent way to get a jumpstart on using PropCad 2014 for those who are considering an upgrade.

  • Free webinar – Scan Converter for Propeller Feature Extraction

    Click here to view this recorded webinar (February 24, 2016 – 11:15AM EST)…
    HydroComp PropCad is often used to interpret existing propellers, patterns, and scan reports in order to recreate legacy designs. The Scan Converter utility – which is now a part of PropCad Premium Edition – is used to extract propeller features such as pitch, chord, skew, rake, thickness and section offsets using 3D data points collected from a physical propeller or pattern. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how Scan Converter processes the data and recreates the propeller blade by extracting individual sections from the geometry and deriving the geometric distributions. Once the design is in PropCad, we will produce additional documentation such as 2D drawings, pitch inspection reports, and 3D offsets can be easily generated for customers, clients, and record keeping. This webinar is suitable for any existing or potential PropCad user who is interested in reconstructing existing designs in PropCad.
    Read more about PropCad Premium and Scan Converter.

  • Free webinar – Design of Patterns with PropCad Premium

    Click here to watch the recorded webinar (February 17, 2016 – 11:15AM EST)…
    HydroComp PropCad features a new Premium Edition utility for creating propeller patterns and mold geometries. The new “Pattern Corrections” utility allows users to rapidly create casting patterns, mold geometries, and machining models by specifying the machine stock and shrinkage factors to be applied to the original PropCad design model. These manufacturing corrections are applied directly to the propeller’s design parameters, allowing calculation and visualization of the resulting pattern’s sections, blade parameters, and radial distributions. In this webinar, we will debut the Pattern Corrections utility, create a pattern from an existing PropCad design, and demonstrate how adjustments to the pattern can be made rapidly and easily. This webinar is suitable for any existing or potential PropCad user who is involved in the manufacturing marine propellers.
    Read more about PropCad Premium and Pattern Corrections.

  • Free webinar – Propeller Thickness, Class Societies, and Compliance

    Click here to view the recorded webinar (June 4, 2015 – 11:15AM EST)…
    (Note: there is a 1:30 minute audio delay at the beginning.)
    In this webinar, HydroComp will review an important subject for propeller builders: compliance with classification society thickness rules. We will discuss selection of classification societies, rule applicability (for FPP/CPP, open/ducted, free-run/towing), materials, variations and similarities between society rules, and important “need-to-know” caveats that anyone using these calculations should master. We will clarify the classification language such as “wide-tip blades”, “washback”, “tip rake”, “section modulus”, and more. Lastly, we will review the new 2015 updates to the rules, as well as discuss the more complex rule subsets for naval and ice-class designations. Anyone who designs, builds, or inspects propellers will benefit from this webinar. Whether or not you are using PropCad, this webinar should not be missed!