NavCad is for the prediction and analysis of vessel speed and power performance. It also provides for the selection of suitable propulsion system components – engines, gears and propellers. NavCad can be used for the design and analysis of virtually any type of monohull or catamaran – from large displacement vessels to fast planing craft.

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  • Bare-hull resistance prediction
  • Steady-state propulsion analysis
  • Added resistances
  • Propeller selection
  • Hull-propulsor interaction
  • Vessel acceleration
  • Supplemental analyses
  • » New features added to NavCad 2018
Used By
  • Naval architects and designers
  • Hydrodynamicists and researchers
  • Ship and boat builders
  • Propulsion equipment manufacturers
  • Navies, coast guards & schools
  • Merchant ships and naval vessels
  • Small ships and work boats
  • Motor and sailing yachts
  • High-performance vehicles
  • Special craft and vessels
  • Propellers (open & ducted)
  • Waterjets
  • SPP, CPP, CRP propellers
  • Custom propulsors

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Analyze performance from hull to engine…

NavCad is the most complete platform for modelling vessel speed and power performance. With NavCad, you can design and analyze the following type of vessels:

  • Displacement
  • Semi-displacement
  • Planing
  • Sailboat
  • Catamarans
  • Submarines

Utilize the most extensive resistance library…

Why limit yourself to simple analyses when NavCad includes over 40 resistance methods for every shape and size of vessel! Use the Method Expert to rank prediction methods based on the speed regime, hull parameters, and availability of hull details (bulb or immersed transom data, for example).

Evaluate any propulsor type…

From conventional propellers to high-performance waterjets and surface piercing propellers, NavCad will calculate the hull-propulsor interaction coeffecients, thrust, power, and RPM. NavCad can evaluate the performance of different engines and gearboxes, as well as find optimal solutions for propeller diameter, pitch, blade area ratio, and gear reduction ratio!

Ensure accuracy with integrated validation…

NavCad provides you with vital feedback regarding the performance of your vessel. Use Confidence plots to compare your analysis to historical “best case” minimum drag and power limits! Use Benchmark vessels to quickly compare your results to other vessels in service and compare prior NavCad projects using the custom plotting options.

Gain an advantage with advanced analyses…

The advance features in NavCad allow you to go beyond speed prediction. Quickly analyze a project for bollard tow pull, or determine time-to-speed using an acceleration analysis. Expand model test data, back-engineer hull-propulsor interaction data from known vessel performance, even align analysis models to similar vessels. Use supplemental analyses to check hydroacoustics, sinkage and trim, dynamic stability, and much more!

Impress with professional reports…

When you have completed your analysis, you can quickly generate summary reports. These professional reports can document the analysis for your clients. Save your reports in Adobe (PDF), Word (DOC), or Excel (CSV) formats!