A new utility automates feature extraction from 3D CAD data

Having a properly engineered propeller is indubitably important, but sometimes propellers are so well-designed that they outlast the company that produced them. How then, do we replace these legacy propellers? Often, those in the industry find it helpful to create a 3D model of the propeller using digital scanning, but this is still not a perfect solution. When the propeller is scanned to create the model, the scan includes the damage to the blade along with its geometry. In Marine News, HydroComp Senior Project Engineer, Adam Kaplan, explains PropCad Premium’s new utility designed to solve this problem.

Import CAD File utility provides a valuable way to reverse the propeller design process, allowing for the rapid extraction of propeller design data from 3D geometries,” explains Kaplan. In the article, he also discusses the efficiency of this process, compared to the manual extraction of data, saves hours of the user’s time. The Import CAD File utility eliminates unnecessary data produced by a 3D scan to make the process of recreating the propeller a more manageable task.

Find the rest of the story in the November 2018 issue of Marine News!

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