HydroComp employees regularly give technical presentations on applied hydrodynamics, ship design, system design, propellers, naval architecture and yacht design topics. These presentations have been given to corporations, government officials, civic groups, technical societies, academics and tour groups. If you are interested in having HydroComp give a presentation to your group please contact us.

Very Simple Fuel Saving

Donald MacPherson, Technical Director, Hydrocomp Inc

The trade press is full of new products to save fuel, and many are expensive and complicated. Fortunately, for many vessels such as patrol craft, research vessels, fishing vessels, and workboats, real fuel savings can often be inexpensive and simple. Two such examples include operating at an optimum trim by planning your liquid tank loads and free-wheeling one propeller (of a twin-screw set) during low speed operation. Do simple techniques really work, and are they suitable for your vessel? This presentation will explain in easy-to-understand terms “very simple fuel saving” options and techniques, some of which cost nothing to implement. It also will discuss realistic expectations for fuel reduction for different vessel types and operating conditions using these techniques.