The AUV / ROV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle  / Remotely Operated Vehicle) industry use HydroComp’s tools to successfully design and analyze the propulsion suite for their vehicles. Better hydrodynamic performance of AUV and ROVs leads to reduced power requirements for the propulsion, allowing more power to be applied to sensors and allowing more time for data collection.

Propulsion Suite Analysis and Sizing
HydroComp NavCad® software is able to estimate the drag of an AUV and quantify the impact on propulsion power from the addition of control surfaces, antenna and other appendages. NavCad can also be used to size propellers, even ducted propellers, and predict the thrust, torque, RPM and power over a wide range of operating conditions. An accurate prediction of vessel power over a wide speed range is critical when sizing other components such as the main engine, energy storage, shafting and bearings. When energy storage is an issue such as in an AUV, improving propulsion efficiency can increase time on station or the capabilities of the sensor suite.

NavCad is regularly used to size and analyze thruster options for submersibles. NavCad can be used to aid in the sizing and selection of an appropriate thruster or propeller.

Propeller and Thruster Design
HydroComp PropElements® software is capable of more in-depth propeller performance analysis. PropElements is capable of generating a custom wake-adapted propeller design for your underwater vehicle. The hydrodynamic flow or wake around the vehicle is considered in the design resulting in a propulsor with improved efficiency over stock “off-the-shelf” designs.

HydroComp is regularly asked to design small thrusters and propellers for specific applications. Over 40 small thrusters have been designed by us for a variety of specialty submersible applications. (For customers who concentrate their efforts on the production and use of underwater vehicles, having HydroComp design a custom thruster may be more economical than purchasing specialty engineering software.)

Recommended software for Underwater Vehicles
NavCad: for resistance and propulsion analysis
PropElements: for propulsor design