HydroComp has a number of tools which are of value to those involved with the sale and marketing of ship propellers. HydroComp NavCad® can be used to initially size a propeller and analyze how changes in major parameters will impact the steady state performance of a vessel. It is commonly used to aid a sales and marketing professionals in helping customers choose the appropriate solution for their application.

For those working with smaller craft, which have propellers between 450 mm and 2500 mm (18 in to 100 in), HydroComp PropExpert® is ideally suited to aid in the design and sizing of propellers and other propulsion machinery. PropExpert can generate propeller reports in multiple languages and allows for quick sizing and performance analysis for a given application.

  • Sizing of a propeller

Recommended software for Propeller Sales
NavCad: for all boats and ship applications
PropExpert: for work boats and pleasure yachts nominally under 75 m (250 ft)