Propeller builders require design tools that deliver precise – and specific – geometries for manufacturing. These geometries can be constructed from well-used traditional styles or can be custom designed for a particular hydrodynamic objective. Successful delivery of new propellers also demands properly sizing the propeller for the application. HydroComp software helps propeller builders to:

  • Properly size the propeller.

  • Design custom geometries that are performance-optimized.

  • Prepare the necessary geometry for manufacture.

Design for manufacture
HydroComp PropCad® is the industry-standard tool for the geometric design of marine propellers. Use PropCad to develop a design from a library of popular standard styles, such as B-Series, Gawn, Kaplan, and even advanced cleaver-wedge styles. The Scan Converter add-on can help you migrate your legacy manufacturing patterns to a full PropCad design project. Let PropCad prepare class society thickness reports and propeller CAD drawings that are correct and worry-free.

Propeller sizing
Depending on the nature of the application and value of the propellers that are manufactured, propeller builders look to HydroComp PropExpert® for sizing of workboat and pleasure craft propellers or HydroComp NavCad® for more in-depth system analysis. Both programs help builders ensure that the match between ship, engine, transmission, and their propeller is correct and optimized.

Design for performance
For builders of propellers that require customized geometries for special performance,  HydroComp introduces PropElements® – a new tool for special hydrodynamic wake-adapted design of propellers. Let staff naval architects use PropElements to deliver the complete propeller solution for your customer.

Recommended software for Propeller Manufacturer
PropCad + PropExpert: for work boats and pleasure yachts nominally under 75m (250ft)
PropCad + Scan Converter + NavCad: for all boats and ships
PropCad + PropElements : for propeller design offices