Ship owners and operators require precise tools to evaluate and improve the efficiency of their fleet. Improvements in efficiency may reduce fuel consumption, maintenance, and operating costs of your fleet.

Ship Operations
HydroComp NavCad® can accurately model the steady state performance of your ship. This data is invaluable in better understanding fuel consumption for a particular vessel and how it can change depending on the vessel loading. NavCad can also be used to perform forensic analysis of existing vessel performance, leading to improved operation.

Ship Retrofits and Upgrades
HydroComp products can be used to assist in evaluating the performance impact of a particular upgrade or retrofit to a boat or ship. Small changes to a vessel may have a large impact on the resistance and propulsion of a ship. HydroComp NavCad allows these changes to be modeled and the impact on propeller RPM, engine loading, and fuel consumption to be understood prior to physical alterations are made to the vessel. The impact of potential changes to a ship can be compared and the analysis can aid in the evaluation of the economic decision process of retrofits.

Recommended software for Owners & Operators
NavCad: for all boats and ships

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