HydroComp has a number of products and services specifically targeted to government and military customers.

HydroComp NavCad® is regularly used by government and military engineers, designers and ship yards to evaluate designs and make resistance and propulsion predictions. Organizations that require further propeller analysis or a wake adapted propeller design utilize HydroComps’s PropElement software. HydroComp products enable naval architects and engineers to make faster and more accurate resistance and powering predictions and size propellers for a particular vessel.

Ship Designers & Builders
HydroComp NavCad® is extremely valuable when evaluating the impact of modifications or changes to an existing hull or propulsion system. If an existing craft is having any propulsion issues NavCad can be used to perform forensics to better understand the problem and any proposed solutions.

Propeller Designers & Builders
HydroComp PropElements® software is an advanced propeller design software capable of designing wake adapted propellers and predicting propeller performance. This software is appropriate for those customers who demand the highest performance from their propellers and vessels.

Recommended software for Government & Military
NavCad: for resistance and propulsion analysis
PropElements: for propulsor design