Ship builders and designers require tools that can efficiently deliver precise resistance and powering predictions. This data is critical throughout the design process, from concept design through builder sea trials.

Ship Designers
Ship designers, naval architects, yacht designers, and marine engineers will find HydroComp NavCad® valuable for performing resistance predictions. NavCad is capable of computing resistance predictions on a variety of hull forms so a designer can select the optimal hull form for their customer. As the hull form design matures NavCad can be used to update the resistance estimates and include appendages and other refinements in the hull form. NavCad is also capable of sizing propellers and making powering predictions. If propeller drawings are required, HydroComp PropCad® is capable of refining the propeller design and generating 2D and 3D propeller geometries.

Propeller Researchers & Designers
Propeller builders, designers, and hydrodynamic researchers are aided by HydroComp PropElements® for detailed propeller design and performance analysis. PropElements can be used to create new or existing propeller designs, as well as analyze propeller performance and strength. PropElements is especially useful for developing propeller designs in noise-sensitive environments, stratified wake fields, and ducted propeller designs.

Ship and Boat Builders
Ship and boat builders regularly use NavCad® to estimate the resistance and powering performance of projects they are working on. These projects include both new construction and retrofits of existing craft. Ship and boat builders use these resistance and powering predictions to size propulsion equipment if needed, investigate the impact of changes to a design, and make estimates of performance during sea trials before even leaving the dock.

Recommended software for Builders & Designers
NavCad + PropCad: for all boats and ships
PropCad + PropElements: for propeller 2D drawings, 3D CAD, and performance-optimize design
PropExpert: for work boats and pleasure yachts