Every company needs to invest in research and development from time-to-time. Not every company, however, can have staff dedicated to technology R&D. HydroComp specializes in providing cost-effective R&D support to investigate, organize, and communicate new technologies.

Application Reports
One way to quickly take advantage of HydroComp’s R&D services is through an Application Report. These are short, focused studies which provide information about a very specific topic. The development of the report is customized for the requirements, but a typical report begins with a literature search, followed by an analysis of the information.

    A Calculation Method to Model Propeller Blade Bending Moments. A propeller manufacturer needed to identify the bending moment and stresses for a propeller in service. We provided a report which included a calculation method, as well as an analysis of the distribution of pressure on a propeller blade.

    Survey and Analysis of Contemporary Motion Control Systems. HydroComp was contracted to prepare a report for a large corporation to outline the principles, history, scope, critical parameters, and applicability of a certain motion control device for a particular category of vessels.

    Tunnel Thruster Inlet Geometry. The objective of this report was to provide background and context for practices that can be applied for the design of tunnel thruster inlet geometry, including considerations of discharge and inlet losses, forward velocity, and vessel drag.

    Benefits Using a Variable Diameter Waterjet Nozzle. We prepared a report to identify the physical effect on waterjet performance of changes in nozzle diameter, and what these effects mean for vessel performance.

    Causes of Vibration at Shaft-Rate Frequencies. In support of a forensic study by a boat-builder, our client wanted us to provide guidance regarding the potential sources of shaft strut vibration at a frequency matching that of the shaft revolution.