Many companies look to HydroComp as a consulting partner – for projects large and small. For more than two decades, we have provided technical consulting services for hundreds of companies from around the world. Our assignments range from small projects that quickly provide an analysis for a design, to large projects which require extensive support for large-scale efforts. We also can provide custom development of specialized analytical software.

Small projects
Many clients look to HydroComp to supplement their own skills and experience. HydroComp’s flexibility allows it to take on smaller projects and deliver results in a timely fashion. A few examples of these types of projects are:

  • Propeller sizings for a Canadian propeller manufacturer.
  • Acceleration analysis of a large ocean-going ship for a university professor.
  • Speed predictions of a variety of small commercial craft for a New England design office.
  • Propeller designs for a Scandinavian propeller company.
  • Analysis of a heavily-cavitating motor yacht and recommendation of new propulsion equipment for its Florida owner.
  • Model test analysis for a large U.S. shipyard.
  • Hydrodynamic analysis of oil-skimmer equipment for a New England university.
  • Power plant recommendations for a South African yacht builder.
  • Waterjet selection for a high-performance patrol boat.
  • Propeller blade strength calculations and submittal to ABS for a Philippines propeller builder.

Large projects
Of course, HydroComp also takes on large-scale projects. These projects can range from a few weeks to a few years in length. Some examples include:

  • Design, analysis and 3D CAD for a series of high-performance trolling propellers.
  • Development of product technology for the U.S. Coast Guard to provide on-board adaptive speed and optimizing fuel control.
  • Preparation of recommended model testing standard practices for a university Ocean Engineering department.
  • Hydrodynamic analysis of a fast container ship including preliminary speed predictions, development of model test programs, analysis of test results, recommendation of hull form changes and sea trial correlation analysis.

Custom software development
Companies come to HydroComp with specific network requirements or defined software needs. Using those project parameters HydroComp then provides detailed, customized solutions for these clients. Two particular examples highlight our ability to deliver custom software solutions are:

  • Contracted to Caterpillar, Inc. Engine Division for the development and support of a software product called Marine Power Systems (MPS).
  • Provided Team Dennis Conner with hydrodynamic analysis and software development services for their America’s Cup campaign. Chris Todter, TDC Technical Director, noted that “HydroComp’s unique expertise including a combination of naval architectural and advanced software development proved to be an excellent resource in support of our America’s Cup campaign.”