We are very proud of our part in helping companies apply leading-edge technology to a design project or a new product. The following case studies illustrate how HydroComp’s expert services can expand a company’s in-house capabilities in a timely and cost-effective fashion.


Patrol Boat Waterjet Analysis

HydroComp was asked to review a 90 ft (27 m) patrol boat design for an engine manufacturer. Initial predictions by the boat designer indicated that the boat would not make the target speed, and they were asking the engine builder … More »

MST – JetBoots

JetBoots are a personal propulsion system for divers from Mazin Submersible Technology, Inc. of Pasadena, California. MST contracted with HydroComp for the development of a new propulsor for their JetBoots version 4 to increase thrust and reduce motor demand. Our … More »

Bay Marine – Comprehensive Powering Analyses

Bay Marine of Barrington, Rhode Island has been a HydroComp client for many years. We have provided a variety of powering analysis services to Bay Marine for their work boats, fishing boats, passenger ferries, and research vessels – including a … More »

eCycle, Inc. – Electric Outboard

“Zero Emissions” is the motto of eCycle, Inc. of Temple, Pennsylvania. A high-output electric outboard is their newest effort to provide an environmentally-friendly marine propulsion product. When eCycle needed a propeller to complement their power delivery technology, they contacted HydroComp … More »