HydroComp PartnershipsHydroComp is proud to collaborate with many companies across the globe. Our partnerships include development support, software integration, and data exchanges with our affiliates. Contact HydroComp to learn about becoming a recognized HydroComp partner today!

Orca3D streamlines naval architecture design work with a suite of powerful applications that run within the Rhino 3D environment. Orca3D aids in hull fairing, intact stability, weight tracking, and speed/power predictions. Orca3D has partnered with HydroComp since 2008 for the development and maintenance of the speed/power module. The module utilizes a small subset of the resistance prediction library inside of NavCad, HydroComp’s principal tool for ship resistance and propulsion analysis.

CAESES is a powerful 3D parametric modeler that includes an integration and optimization platform that can utilize third-party calculations. The CAESES software is created by FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS, a German software company which was founded in 2001 as a spin-off from the Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin (Technical University Berlin, TUB) and its division Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering at the Institute of Land and Sea Transport Systems (ILS).

HydroComp and CAESES have demonstrated successful software integration on numerous occasions. The first project used CAESES to generate and modify the geometry of an AUV, while NavCad was used to analyze the resistance and propulsion. The hull form was successfully optimized to minimize the required propulsion power for a given submerged volume. Other projects included the hull form optimization of a round-bilge transom-stern patrol craft for reduction in drag, as well as selection of its suitable waterjet and engine components.

Green Marine is a North American environmental certification program designed to strengthen sustainability in the marine sector. Launched in in the fall of 2007 and currently has over 190 members. Through transparent and inclusive industry collaboration, Green Marine creates 12 measurable performance indicators that provide clear benchmarks for members.