Outreach is an important part of HydroComp’s heritage – to both the maritime industry and to our local community.

Contributions to the marine industry include numerous publications and presentations. You will find HydroComp staff writing and delivering presentations every year. Many of these publications are available in the HydroComp library. HydroComp staff are also engaged in active leadership roles in technical and scientific societies.

We are equally proud of our contribution to local charitable causes in southern New Hampshire. These contributions have included long term support of the local Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and youth athletic teams. HydroComp employees have volunteered to assist local high school engineering clubs.

HydroComp has a long history of supporting secondary education. HydroComp has a current program with the University of New Hampshire employing both business and engineering interns. A handful of interns have been inspired to continue giving back to their country and joined the Peace Corp and Americorp. Over HydroComp’s 20+ year history they have also worked with many naval architecture programs and occasionally had naval architecture interns from across the country.

In 2012 HydroComp began shipping its software products in an environmentally friendly packing made from recycled materials. This packaging is smaller than the previous packaging. It is easier for you to store your HydroComp disks in its original packaging, and easier for HydroComp to ship it to you.