HydroComp has the tools you need for the prediction and analysis of vessel speed and performance. Whether a workboat, pleasure craft, or large ship, HydroComp’s award-winning software provides the technical data and prediction accuracy needed for today’s marine solutions. Our software helps you to:

  • Predict resistance

  • Match engine, transmission, and propulsor

  • Determine operational power and efficiency

Speed and power prediction for virtually any type of monohull or catamaran
HydroComp NavCad® is a software tool for the prediction and analysis of vessel speed and power performance – for large displacement vessels to fast-planing craft. It also provides for the selection of suitable propulsion system components – engines, gears and propellers. NavCad can be used for virtually every type of displacement, semi-displacement, and planing craft, sailboat or catamaran.

Speed and power prediction for vessels under 75m (250 ft)
HydroComp SwiftCraft® software has been developed specifically for designers and builders of motor yachts, patrol craft, small ships, supply vessels, ferries and other transit craft. SwiftCraft employs the most advanced parametric prediction capabilities to be found. Modeled on web navigation, it is ideal for new users where a rapid learning curve and short deadlines are important.

Recommended software for Speed/Power Prediction
NavCad: for all boats and ships
SwiftCraft: for workboats and motor yachts under 75 m (250 ft)