Top new features added in version year

The following is a summary of significant features added to HydroComp PropExpert during the referenced version year. Items indicated with asterisks (*) are considered critical major features.

• Improved prediction with unconventional driveline efficiencies

• Added Towpull merit coefficient
• Improved solution and messaging for sizing with heavy cavitation

• MAU and MAUw propeller series ***
• Improved towing analysis ***
• New prediction method for high P/D GawnAEW propellers ***
• Improved sizing solution for cavitating propellers
• Improved speed prediction for light-weight hulls

• Added Blade Scan outline projected view
• New blade cavitation percentage calculation for Kaplan 19A and 37 ***
• Improved shaft diameter calculation for sizes below catalog minimum
• Added colored display of engine power and RPM results that exceed rated values

• Added new P/D ratio check for Kaplan 19A for potentially invalid results ***
• Extended Gawn AEW blade count to 2-6 blades (with warning about its use) ***
• Updated Towing analysis

• New theme-based resizable display and improved graphing display ***
• New correction to Gawn AEW for high BAR and low-to-moderate P/D ***
• Improved Transport Efficiency and shaft sizing checks
• Improved prediction of wake fraction for Planing craft ***

• Enhanced reporting and data formatting

• New export for KT/KQ plot
• Added Folding propeller option with efficiency and specific cavitation limits ***
• Updated Sailboat speed/power and propulsive coefficient prediction ***
• New engine options including DC motor and new diesel engine curve shape ***
• New fuel rate correction for fractional power
• New prediction for Kaplan 19A 5-bladed propellers ***

• Updated Catamaran speed/power and propulsive coefficient prediction ***
• New Riverboat vessel type and speed/power prediction ***
• Improved emailed report capability
• Improved report view and options

• Improved report viewer and page layout options ***
• New file handling and graphing features
• Cupped propeller face cavitation check

• New integrated report viewer with PDF
• Enhanced data checking for sizing of gear ratio
• Improved report formatting

• Improved data formatting and sizing calculations
• Updated indication of cavitation breakdown to better match in-service performance ***
• New plot options, including preliminary speed-power graph
• Added to shaft material options
• New report page formatting

• New cavitation breakdown analysis ***
• Effect of shaft angle on performance ***
• New prediction method for effect of cupping ***
• Blade scan utility for calculation of BAR and mean pitch
• Updated engine plots
• Improved behavior for propeller sizing calculations