Top new features added in version year

The following is a summary of significant features added to HydroComp PropElements for the referenced version release. Items indicated with asterisks (*) are considered critical major features.

• Extensive update to scripting for coupling with CFD and optimizers
• New quasi-steady full wake field calculation of body forces and velocities
• New wake field import and plotting utility for upstream/downstream velocities
Miscellaneous: new Project starter updates

• New high blade loading curvature correction for low J accuracy ***
• Improved prediction of 2D foil properties for Generic foil option ***
• Interactive smoothing of pitch and/or camber during the optimum design process ***
• Nozzle and tip-gap effectiveness definition ***
• Improved nozzle induction prediction ***
• Added section cavitation criteria for chord and nose radius ***
• Calculation of body forces for CFD and FEA ***
• Display of blade profile and outline
• Enhanced definition of the parent 2D foil selection
• Segmental blade section option for Strength section offset properties
• New foil-specific CF friction line
• Support for fluids other than water (such as oils)
• Added type 34 nozzle
• Prediction of induced volumetric flow rate (for “pump action” applications)
• Improved analysis at tip sections
• Improved tunnel thruster analysis
• Extended range of KQ-KQ output
• Additional data exchange with NavCad (for initial design) and PropCad (for manufacture)

2012-2016 [updates to v2012]
• Added circular tunnel to nozzle types ***
• New cascade correction for blockage ***
• Added nozzle L/D option ***
• New coordinate graph design
• Added user-defined nozzle “effectiveness” ***
• Better user feedback for low J analysis
• Improved strength calculation (for centrifugal forces)
• Improved nozzle inflow velocity contribution
• Added effective wake fraction alignment.
• New user feedback for constraints and limitations of bollard calculations
• User option for blade loading pitch margin to support variable wake fields