Top new features added in version year

The following is a summary of significant features added to HydroComp PropCad during the referenced version year. Items indicated with asterisks (*) are considered critical major features.

• Classification thickness rules updated to 2018 publications
• Improved geometric definition for parametric features of 2D foil shapes
• New export of ISO-484 inspection data file for propeller scan devices
• Updated drawing page title block and border for DXF export
• Automate full propeller feature extraction with new Import propeller CAD utility+
Miscellaneous: new rake definitions, improved 3D visualization

• Updated classification thickness rules for 2017
• Added classification rules for Indian Register of Shipping (IRS)
• Export option for including all blades for IGES.
• Edge radius treatment for “Entered” section offsets.

• Introduction of PropCad Premium Edition (with Scan Converter, Pattern Corrections utility, CPP Spindle Transform, CPP Tip Clearance analysis, and floating network licensing)***
• Added inspection documents for thickness, local pitch, and location maps [Premium] ***
• Added support for defined pitch distributions within Scan Converter [Premium] ***
• Added MAU and MAUw propellers to Library propellers and presets ***
• Implemented SEA J775 and Metric ISO 4566 hub geometry rules ***
• Local pitch calculations and visualization on section plots ***
• Updated class thickness rules for 2016 ***
• Support for importing camber distributions and foil files
• Improved cup model for thick trailing edges
• Improved edge thickness distributions
• Additional dimensions and options for 2D drawing
• Support for reports and 2D drawings with custom paper sizes

• Updated class thickness rules for 2015 ***
• Improved BV/RINa class thickness report
• Added LR Naval and LR Ice Class rules
• Added Swedish-Finnish (Baltic) rules for ice class vessels
• “New from existing” process for derivative designs

• New table-based user interface ***
• Updated Library propeller “preset” option in Builder ***
• Added 3D IGES file export ***
• Updated class thickness rules for 2014 ***
• Added fillet outlines on 2D Drawing
• Added Pitch plane to nose-tail transformation
• Improved outline spline algorithm for 3D smoothing and section insertion
• Added Aluminum for Strength & Materials
• Added various smoothing controls to Sections table ***
• Greater control of edge thickness and edge radius
• Improved and smoothed 3D View

2013 (as v2011 update)
• Updated class thickness rules for 2013 ***
• Added NK and BV Ice Class 1D class rules ***
• New SolidWorks export macro format ***
• Updated user interface
• Improved weight estimate (for fillet volume)
• Improved solution of Builder integrated class rule thickness
• New 3D View graphic file export
• Added geometric scaling function
• Added Scan Converter “Point Cloud” module ***

2012 (as v2011 update)
• Updated class thickness rules for 2012 ***
• Added Ice Class thickness rules ***
• Added “Notes” field

• Updated class thickness rules for 2011 ***
• Added PDF output for 3D View
• Added “Cantilever” thickness distribution to the Builder

• Replaced Visual CADD control with SimpleReports viewer ***
• New main data entry table ***
• Improved leading edge radius shape for highly cambered sections
• Added data filtering for imports

• “Conical” flow line option
• Updated profile view
• Added CCS thickness rule

• New Builder “Lock” feature
• New “edge thickness” data item
• Added “Modified Kaplan” propeller section type to the Builder ***
• New JPEG export code for 3D View