Frers Naval Architecture & Engineering is a yacht design studio with a long family history located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It has an international reputation designing over 1000 sailing and power yachts that stretches over three generations.

Today Frers Naval Architecture and Engineering uses the HydroComp SwiftCraft tool when they design both sail and power yachts. SwiftCraft is used to make resistance and powering predictions from concept to detail design.

Frers uses SwiftCraft because of the features incorporated into the software. Juan Gadea, an engineer at Frers says “We find it very useful to check different resistance prediction methods (especially for semi-displacement motoryachts) as we can plot the resistance curves from several resistance predictions and choose which ones better adapt or are more logical, at the same time discarding the outliers. On the propulsion tab, we appreciate the possibility of choosing the propulsion method as well as the color suggestions. The keep/size button for the gear ratio and propeller characteristics is very useful. Finally, on the results tables, the fuel/eng column is great for doing a range graphic for different speeds and the RPM and PB/Prop columns, allowing us to check if the engine and propeller are perfectly matched.”

SwiftCraft has proven to be invaluable to the Frers engineers during the yacht design process. Juan Gadea, describes SwiftCraft as a “product that has increased considerably the confidence of our propulsion and resistance calculations that, in turn, has resulted in better service to our clients.”

Frers Naval Architects & Engineering is a SwiftCraft user since 2002.

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