SwiftCraft is a designer’s tool for speed and power prediction of propeller-driven monohull vessels under nominally 75 m (250 ft). SwiftCraft had been developed specifically for designers and builders of motor yachts, patrol craft, small ships, supply vessels, ferries, and other transit craft.

Click here to view the SwiftCraft product brochure with additional details and specifications. [PDF, 350KB]

  • Hull, appendage, wind drag prediction
  • Drag reduction analysis
  • Hull-propulsor coefficients
  • Propeller and gear ratio sizing
  • Analysis of thrust, power, efficiency
  • Prediction of cavitation
Used By
  • Yacht designers and naval architects
  • Boat and yacht builders
  • Small and medium shipyards
  • Engine and gearbox builders
  • Propeller manufacturers
  • Propulsion equipment vendors
  • Government agencies and schools
  • Motor yachts
  • Patrol craft
  • Small ships
  • Supply vessels
  • Passenger ferries
  • Research vessels
  • Utility boats