NavCad is for the prediction and analysis of vessel speed and power performance. It also provides for the selection of suitable propulsion system components – engines, gears and propellers. NavCad can be used for the design and analysis of virtually any type of monohull or catamaran – from large displacement vessels to fast planing craft.

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  • Bare-hull resistance prediction
  • Steady-state propulsion analysis
  • Added resistances
  • Propeller selection
  • Hull-propulsor interaction
  • Vessel acceleration
  • Supplemental analyses
Used By
  • Naval architects and designers
  • Hydrodynamicists and researchers
  • Ship and boat builders
  • Propulsion equipment manufacturers
  • Navies, coast guards & schools
  • Merchant ships and naval vessels
  • Small ships and work boats
  • Motor and sailing yachts
  • High-performance vehicles
  • Special craft and vessels
  • Propellers (open & ducted)
  • Waterjets
  • SPP, CPP, CRP propellers
  • Custom propulsors