HydroComp has developed a number of specialized applied hydrodynamic tools to aid in the design and analysis of ship hulls and propellers.  These software tools are complementary and designed to work with each other as well as other common engineering software.

All of the HydroComp software products are designed to run on a computer with Windows XP/Vista/7 or newer operating system.

In a market where software has been notoriously poor and unreliable, HydroComp has produced the very best in the industry. – METS Design Award jury

“NAP Engineering is extremely happy to use NAVCAD 2016, we are now convinced that our decision to invest in this program proved so right. NavCad allowed us to correct at least two new vessel designs in the past months, since the initial data we had from other resources and theoretical resistance & EHP calculations were inadequate, incomplete and totally inappropriate for the specific vessels. These corrections towards the right path, made together with the extremely helpful HydroComp team of Experts, gave us not only the knowledge, but also – and most importantly – the confidence to consult the Ship-Owners over critical decisions, like main engine selection and re-calculation of specific hull parameters. We now use NavCad software for all our designs – current and future – in all type of vessels, including our new breed of LNG Bunker Vessels of “Amaltheia” Class.” Source: NAP Engineering

  • Speed and power performance prediction for vessels of any size
  • Speed and power performance prediction for monohull vessels under 75m (250 ft)
  • Propeller selection tool specifically for work boats and pleasure craft
  • For preparation of design drawings for marine propellers, thrusters and impellers
  • Software for detailed propeller design and performance analysis.
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