Instructor: Donald MacPherson, Technical Director HydroComp

This one-day training courses is focused on PropExpert┬«, HydroComp’s selection tool for the sizing and analysis of propellers. The purpose of the course is to introduce and review “best practices” for experienced, new, and potential users of PropExpert. PropExpert remains the definitive tool for analyzing propellers for workboats and pleasure craft! Improve your prediction reliability through data standardization, process guidance, and recommendations for advanced analysis. This course is the ideal venue to quickly raise the level of your professional skills, and exploit the full capability of PropExpert.

Curriculum: Introduction to PropExpert
This is an introduction to the HydroComp PropExpert propeller sizing software.
    Includes: User interface; Initial propeller sizing example.
    Case study: A basic Tutorial example.

The real-world framework of PropExpert
How PropExpert is built upon principles of marine propulsion for inboard propellers.
    Includes: Integration of the Vessel, Engine, and Sizing pages; Propulsion system relationships;
                     Propeller performance; Cavitation.
    Case studies: Repower; Speed prediction for a similar vessel.

Propeller sizing strategies
We discuss the successful sizing of a propeller’s principal parameters (diameter, pitch, blades, blade area), and proper matching to engine and gear ratio.
    Includes: Selecting the proper propeller style; Considerations of engine performance;
                     Achieving a successful propeller sizing match to the boat, engine and transmission.
    Case study: Sizing for towing service; Meeting engine manufacturer’s load requirements.

Propeller analysis and troubleshooting with PropExpert
Evaluation of post-delivery propeller performance is discussed.
    Includes: Sea trial performance analysis; Evaluation of cavitation and hydroacoustics.
    Case studies: Evaluating cavitation criteria; Resolution of typical performance problems.

Project and IT management
We discuss best use and operation of PropExpert.
    Includes: Project management; Customizing PropExpert; Using the propeller, engine and gear libraries.
    Case study: Configuring PropExpert; Setting up a custom data file location.

Enhancing client satisfaction
Strategies to improve client participation, expectations, and outcomes.
    Includes: Data acquisition and validation; Establishing realistic expectations;
                     Communicating information with tables and graphs.
    Case study: Using standard data forms; Report options to best explain outcomes to customers and clients.

Q&A session
Discussion of frequent application questions from users.
    Includes: Vessel is overloaded and not making speed; Compromise sizing for towpull versus top speed;
                     Predicting bollard pull; Sizing for vessels with variation in loading (weight);
                     Modeling non-standard propeller styles;.
    Case studies: As time allows.


About the trainer

The PropExpert “Best Practices” Training Course is conducted by Donald MacPherson, HydroComp’s Technical Director, with support from other HydroComp staff. A frequent speaker to conferences, technical societies and trade groups, Mr. MacPherson is a graduate of Webb Institute and author of many noted journal articles and technical papers on ship propulsion and propeller performance. In November of 2015, he was named a SNAME Fellow in recognition of his outstanding personal contributions to naval architecture and marine engineering. He is also the Instructor of Naval Architecture in the Ocean Engineering Department of the University of New Hampshire.

Frequently asked questions:

Who should attend the Training Course?

This course is suitable for new, experienced, and potential PropExpert users.

Do I need a PropExpert license to attend?

No, a copy of PropExpert can be provided by HydroComp for the duration of the training.

What course materials are provided?

Participants will receive a course workbook.

How do I register?

Contact HydroComp via email or phone (603)868-3344.

Want to know more about the program? Read, Tell me why I need PropExpert.

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