Join us for a PropCad Training Course!

Instructor: Adam Kaplan, Senior Project Engineer and PropCad Lead
Schedule: 8am – 4pm


HydroComp is conducting a training course of PropCad®, HydroComp’s software for the geometric design of marine propellers. The focus of this small group course will be to introduce and review “Best Practices” for experienced, new, and potential users of PropCad.

Training topics include a review of propeller geometry terminology, creating new designs, quickly creating design variants, application-specific design considerations, and exporting 2D drawings and 3D CAD/CAM files. The course will discuss propeller strength calculations, with a focus on selecting and applying appropriate classification society thickness rules. We will review techniques to modify existing designs, including tweaking existing radial distributions, defining and importing custom distributions, scaling and smoothing distributions, and creating template files.

Curriculum includes:

  • Creating new designs and design variants
  • Application-specific considerations
  • Exporting 2D drawings and 3D CAD/CAM files
  • Strength calculations and classification thickness reports
  • Modifying designs, distributions, and section offsets
  • Custom distributions and templates
  • Successful integration with CAD/CAM
  • Introduction to PropCad Premium

Attendees are eligible for a free 30 trial of PropCad Premium!

What’s new in PropCad?

  • CAD/CAM specific exports for Rhino3D, Solidworks, Creo, PowerShape, SurfCam, and many more!
  • Compliance with 2017 classification society thickness rules, including ice-class and naval designations.
  • IGES and Point-Cloud exports for universal CAD compatibility.
  • Builder “Preset” for quick generation of included Library Propellers!
  • Greater control of edge thickness and edge radius.
  • Interactive plotting, smoothing, and editing of radial distributions and 2D offsets.
  • Local pitch calculations and visualization on section plots
  • Plotting of blade outline and blade profile for quickly editing blade shape.
  • Calculation and rendering of root fillet geometry
  • Distribution editor for creating custom distribution files.
  • Support for reports and 2D drawings with custom paper sizes.
  • Updated classification society thickness rules
  • Improved edge radii for “Entered” offsets
  • Trailing edge blend to hub face
  • Export options: Multiple blades

About the trainer

The PropCad “Best Practices” Training Course is conducted by Adam Kaplan, HydroComp’s Senior Project Engineer for PropCad with support from other HydroComp staff.

Who should attend the Training Course?

This course is suitable for both new and experienced PropCad users, as well as potential users considering the acquisition of PropCad. Users that are considering an upgrade to the newest version or the Premium Edition are particularly encouraged to attend. Learn more about the PropCad Premium Edition!

Do I need a PropCad license to attend?

The “Best Practices” Course will include interactive case studies using the latest version of PropCad. Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop (and security key) with PropCad installed. Please contact HydroComp here if you have any questions.

What course materials are provided?

Participants will receive a course workbook.

How do I register?

Contact HydroComp via email , or phone (603)868-3344.

For more information, please contact

HydroComp, Inc.
Tel: (603)868-3344