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    Past Webinars

  • Free webinar – PropCad Premium Latest & Greatest

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    In this webinar, PropCad Senior Design Engineer, Adam Kaplan, demonstrates the new CAD file import feature in PropCad Premium 2018. This new utility helps propeller designers and manufactures extract, understand, and visualize the design data from a 3D CAD file. What used to take hours can now be completed in minutes with the new Import CAD File utility, allowing users to drastically reduce the time and effort needed to recreate an existing propeller design or product model.
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  • Free webinar – Optimization of Ship Hulls with CAESES and NavCad

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    In this webinar, HydroComp and FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS join forces to show you how their tools NavCad and CAESES can be combined for the design and optimization of ship hulls. We give you an idea of the unique characteristics of the two tools, what your benefits are and – most importantly – demonstrate the capabilities and the workflow on some relevant real-life examples.
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  • Free webinar series – Finding ship efficiency with HydroComp NavCad hydrodynamic analysis software

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    This three-part webinar series will present a non-invasive, easily-adopted, and cost-effective procedure to help ship operators (or their consultants) assess hull and propeller performance, and find efficiency in their fleet. Using the new and innovative Premium Edition of the industry-standard NavCad ship powering software, participants will learn the quick and simple steps to create a baseline model, calculate Key Performance Indicators of fuel and energy consumption, and evaluate the potential performance benefits of retrofit or maintenance activities.
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  • Free webinar – PropExpert for Powerboats

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    Marine repair shops and outboard engine companies rely on PropExpert to size propellers as well as predict top speed, RPM, and fuel-usage for bow-riders, cabin cruisers, and other fast planing powerboats. Ensure your next project surpasses expectations with detailed considerations for shaft-driven, stern-drive or outboard driven vessels. Join HydroComp for this free online training seminar on propeller sizing for powerboats on Wednesday, April 5 at 11:15AM EST.
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  • Free webinar – About HydroComp PropElements 2017

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    Join us to learn more about HydroComp PropElements 2017! HydroComp PropElements 2017 – the propeller “design for performance” code – is the latest build of the company’s commercial software for marine propeller design and analysis. Propeller specialists will find it an essential addition to their software tools, and also tackles the component-level hydrodynamic needs of naval architects, marine engineers, propeller designers, and propeller builders. Join HydroComp Technical Director Don MacPherson Thursday, March 2 at 11:15AM EST to discuss the newest features of PropElements 2017.
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  • Free webinar – Scan Converter for Propeller Feature Extraction

    Click here to view this recorded webinar (February 24, 2016 – 11:15AM EST)…
    HydroComp PropCad is often used to interpret existing propellers, patterns, and scan reports in order to recreate legacy designs. The Scan Converter utility – which is now a part of PropCad Premium Edition – is used to extract propeller features such as pitch, chord, skew, rake, thickness and section offsets using 3D data points collected from a physical propeller or pattern. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how Scan Converter processes the data and recreates the propeller blade by extracting individual sections from the geometry and deriving the geometric distributions. Once the design is in PropCad, we will produce additional documentation such as 2D drawings, pitch inspection reports, and 3D offsets can be easily generated for customers, clients, and record keeping. This webinar is suitable for any existing or potential PropCad user who is interested in reconstructing existing designs in PropCad.
    Read more about PropCad Premium and Scan Converter.

  • Free webinar – Design of Patterns with PropCad Premium

    Click here to watch the recorded webinar (February 17, 2016 – 11:15AM EST)…
    HydroComp PropCad features a new Premium Edition utility for creating propeller patterns and mold geometries. The new “Pattern Corrections” utility allows users to rapidly create casting patterns, mold geometries, and machining models by specifying the machine stock and shrinkage factors to be applied to the original PropCad design model. These manufacturing corrections are applied directly to the propeller’s design parameters, allowing calculation and visualization of the resulting pattern’s sections, blade parameters, and radial distributions. In this webinar, we will debut the Pattern Corrections utility, create a pattern from an existing PropCad design, and demonstrate how adjustments to the pattern can be made rapidly and easily. This webinar is suitable for any existing or potential PropCad user who is involved in the manufacturing marine propellers.
    Read more about PropCad Premium and Pattern Corrections.

  • Free webinar – Rapid Design Space Optimization

    Click here to view the recorded webinar (November 10, 2015 – 11:15AM EST)…
    HydroComp NavCad is internationally-recognized as the gold-standard for resistance and propulsion prediction for naval architects. With the recent introduction of the Premium Edition, NavCad is now able to provide integrated support for design optimization. To insure that overall process efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a design solution is as high as possible, it is necessary to make use of Rapid Design Space Optimization (RDSO) for early-stage design and to make CFD analysis more efficient and cost-effective. Coupled with a third-party application for administrative and optimization tasks, NavCad Premium is the ideal simulation solver for Rapid Design Space Optimization.

    Read more about NavCad Premium and Rapid Design Space Optimization (RDSO).

  • Free webinar – Features of NavCad Premium Edition

    Click here to view the recorded webinar (June 16, 2015 – 11:15AM EST)…
    See the new features for NavCad Premium, HydroComp’s latest and most advance package containing a collection of major new capabilities!
    This webinar will demonstrate some of the new premium tools including:
    Operating modes analysis. A comprehensive duty-cycle operating modes analysis has been developed to predict fuel consumption and key performance indicators for a variety of user-defined operating mode definitions (e.g., Transit, Towing, Idle).
    Scripting. A new scripting (macro) module provides batch processing capability in two forms – from within the NavCad GUI or shelled by another application as a calculation engine. The latter offers the ability to run NavCad from third-party software as a coupled solver, such as from CFD, hull design software, onboard load software, spreadsheet, or simulation tool.
    Wave-theory resistance predictioN. Longitudinal distributions of sectional area, waterplane, and area centroid are used to predict residuary resistance using a novel implementation of wave-theory code. Validation studies indicate exceptional quality and behavior for a broad range of hull types.
    And much more!

  • Free webinar – Propeller Thickness, Class Societies, and Compliance

    Click here to view the recorded webinar (June 4, 2015 – 11:15AM EST)…
    (Note: there is a 1:30 minute audio delay at the beginning.)
    In this webinar, HydroComp will review an important subject for propeller builders: compliance with classification society thickness rules. We will discuss selection of classification societies, rule applicability (for FPP/CPP, open/ducted, free-run/towing), materials, variations and similarities between society rules, and important “need-to-know” caveats that anyone using these calculations should master. We will clarify the classification language such as “wide-tip blades”, “washback”, “tip rake”, “section modulus”, and more. Lastly, we will review the new 2015 updates to the rules, as well as discuss the more complex rule subsets for naval and ice-class designations. Anyone who designs, builds, or inspects propellers will benefit from this webinar. Whether or not you are using PropCad, this webinar should not be missed!

  • Free webinar – NavCad and Barge Resistance

    Click here to view the recorded webinar (February 4, 2015 – 11:15AM EST)…
    (Note: there is a brief audio delay at the beginning.)
    Sometimes the least sophisticated vehicle is the hardest to analyze. With respect to resistance, this is definitely the case with barges. In this webinar, we will review three different barge configurations for analysis in NavCad – individual box barges, river barge trains (with pushboat), and integrated tug-barge units (ITB/ATB). The discussion will include review of barge geometries, barge train arrangements and connections, effective “unit” representation for ITB tug and barge, hydrodynamics of box-like vessels, and NavCad’s prediction methods. A brief overview of propulsion considerations will also be presented. Although this webinar is primarily for existing users of NavCad, we encourage new and potential users to join us for the discussion of resistance prediction for barge systems.

  • Free webinar – Using “Prior Trial” with PropExpert

    Click here to view the recorded webinar (January 7, 2015 – 11:15AM EST)…
    In this webinar, HydroComp will review a vessel which is requesting a new propeller. A client with a 14.5m motor yacht wants to increase top speed from 19.2 knots on trial to a desired 26 kts. First, an initial sizing will be developed using just the limited data about the vessel. We will then use the existing top speed, engine RPM, and propeller characteristics to dial in our Average Hull multiplier in order to fine-tune the sizing. This subsequent second sizing will use the existing performance data to select our final propeller. This webinar is an excellent reference for new and existing PropExpert users. We also encourage anyone interested in PropExpert to join us and see how PropExpert can increase their analytical capabilities.

  • Free webinar – PropCad 2014 Debut

    Click here to view the recorded webinar (October 21. 2014 – 10:15AM EST)…
    PropCad 2014 is a powerful update to PropCad 2011 which introduces many new design tools, an updated interface, and powerful new features. Join HydroComp for this introduction to propeller design in PropCad 2014. In this presentation, HydroComp will guide you through the new table-based interface, the parametric Builder, and extensively updated Strength & Materials. Additionally, we will discuss some advanced features such as Classification Societies, CAD/CAM exports, point cloud scanning, and the new smoothing and design tools. The presentation will demonstrate the capabilities of PropCad for new and existing users, and is an excellent way to get a jumpstart on using PropCad 2014 for those who are considering an upgrade.

  • Free webinar – PropCad – Recreating a Propeller Design from a Drawing

    Click here to view the recorded webinar (June 11, 2014 – 11:15AM EST)…
    It’s common for propeller designs to be communicated via 2D drawings; in fact, for many older propellers, hand-drawn profiles and expanded views may be the only geometric data available. Propeller builders and marine engineers will find value in this review of recreating a design from a drawing. This PropCad session reviews manual entry of distributions (pitch, skew, rake, chords) and section shapes and culminates in a new 3D model and 2D drawing.

  • Free webinar – Introduction to PropExpert

    Click here to view the recorded webinar (May 16, 2014 – 11:15AM EST)…
    Learn about PropExpert, HydroComp’s propeller selection tool for the sizing and analysis of propellers for work boats and pleasure craft. It provides the tools needed for the proper selection of propulsion system components – engine, gear and propeller – and is the principal sizing tool of manufacturers and distributors. This webinar serves as a great introduction to PropExpert for new users. We welcome you to join us.

  • Free webinar – NavCad 2014 Jumpstart Presentation

    Click here to view the recorded webinar (April 23, 2014 – 11:15AM EST)…
    We invite you to see NavCad 2014 first hand during our upcoming “NavCad 2014 Jumpstart Presentation” on Wednesday April 23. While this 30 minute presentation is intended to discuss new features for existing users, you might find it to be a good introduction to NavCad and we welcome you to join us.


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