Join us for an advanced NavCad Training Course.

Instructor: Donald MacPherson, Technical Director HydroComp
Schedule: 8:00am – 5:00pm,
Date and location to be determined

HydroComp is conducting a one-day training course for advanced and active users of NavCad® , HydroComp’s software for ship resistance and propulsion.

The focus of the course will be to introduce and review “best practices” for experienced users of NavCad, especially those using or interested in NavCad Premium Edition. It is the ideal venue to quickly raise the level of your professional skills, and exploit the full capability and strength of the newest features and modules in NavCad. We will focus on a variety of advanced topics for NavCad Standard, plus Premium Edition features such as wave-making drag, operating modes analysis, and scripting.


The curriculum is comprehensive, but notable topics will include:

NavCad Standard

  • Aligned prediction. Technique for hull resistance using reference ship model tests.
  • Sea trials. Preparing and using them as reference ship files for aligned prediction.
  • Data from outside sources. Using performance results from model tests or CFD.
  • Quick propeller sizing. Procedures for conducting simple propeller-engine matching.
  • Aligned series. Predicting propeller performance with reference propeller model tests.
  • Confidence plots. For QA assessment of bare-hull resistance, propeller efficiency, and total power.
  • Benchmark vessels. Using with with confidence plots.

NavCad Premium

  • Overview of NavCad Premium Edition.
  • Resistance prediction using immersed volume integration element method. Methodology, computational techniques, definition of sectional properties, validation studies, demonstration of calculation procedures, case studies.
  • Operating modes analysis. Definition of mission profile or voyage, modes (transit, idle, towing), predicting fuel consumption, Key Performance Indicators, design optimization with modes summary and KPIs, tabular and graphical output, demonstration of calculation procedures, case studies.
  • Scripting. Objectives of batch calculations, scripting API and examples, syntax checking, demonstration of calculation procedures, case studies.
  • NavCad Premium as a calculation solver. Licensing and installation, server mode calculations, integration with MS-Excel, use with CAESES, demonstration of calculation procedures, case studies.

About the trainer

The NavCad “Best Practices” Training Course is conducted by Donald MacPherson, HydroComp’s Technical Director with support from other HydroComp staff. A frequent speaker to conferences, technical societies and trade groups, Mr. MacPherson is a graduate of Webb Institute and author of many noted journal articles and technical papers on ship propulsion and propeller performance. He is also the Instructor of Naval Architecture in the Ocean Engineering Department of the University of New Hampshire.

Who should attend the Training Course?

This course is suitable for experienced users of NavCad or users that require a refresher. Existing NavCad Standard users that are considering an upgrade to the Premium edition are particularly encouraged to attend.

Do I need a NavCad license to attend?

Participants with a current NavCad license are encouraged to bring a laptop (and security key) with NavCad installed.
Please note that some of the curriculum also includes content about NavCad Premium.

What course materials are provided?

Participants will receive a course workbook.

How do I register?

Contact HydroComp via email , or phone (603)868-3344.

For more information, please contact

HydroComp, Inc.
Tel: (603)868-3344