New features and updated Classification rules…
HydroComp PropCad® is the industry-standard software for geometric modeling of marine propellers for design and manufacture. This tool provides automatic preparation of 2D design drawings, 3D offsets, thickness classification reports, and CAD/CAM data. Manufacturers, researchers and designers rely on PropCad for their modeling needs. The tool is widely used in over 40 countries for quickly generating propellers and design variants from small outboard production lines to large merchant ship propellers. The 2017 release of PropCad includes new features for weedless, cleaver, and surface-piercing style propellers, updated classification society thickness rules, improved CAD/CAM export, and a greater control of edge radius conditions.

Blending of blade trailing edge to hub face
A new option has been introduced to modify the trailing edge offsets in order to progressively blend the trailing edge surface smoothly into the hub. For many surface-piercing and weedless propellers, this transition is important for performance and critical to manufacturing. The special treatment of this trailing edge surface was previously done manually – a very painstaking, time-consuming, and complex process. PropCad’s “Blend TE to hub face” option will save time and frustration and ensures the resulting surface is mathematically smooth.

Figure 1 – Cleaver-style propeller with trailing edge progressively blended into the aft hub face.

Classification society thickness rules
PropCad features a number of Classification Society blade thickness calculations and strength rules that dictate the required root, edge, and tip thickness. With the 2017 addition of the Indian Register of Shipping classification thickness rules, PropCad now supports nine of the most popular Classification Societies. Each society includes rules for fixed pitch and controllable pitch propellers – however many of the societies also include special rules for highly-skewed blades, naval-classed vessels, and ice-classed propellers!

Improved edge radius treatment
There are also several improvements for defining the edge radius. Users can now select edge radius options for “Entered” section offsets, allowing them to set the proper spline tangency and greatly improve the smoothness of the edges.

Figure 2 – Demonstration of improved edge radius treatment for “Entered” sections.

Export all blades
The CAD/CAM exports have been updated with the option to export a single blade or all the blades. This option is particularly useful for the IGES export, and gives the user the choice between minimal file-size (single blade) or a more complete representation of the propeller (multiple blades).
With over 160 users in more than 40 countries, PropCad is the industry standard propeller design tool.
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