HydroComp tools are regularly used throughout an entire ship’s life – from predicting top speed during concept design to optimizing fuel economy of a ship already built, and multiple roles in between. The HydroComp tools are flexible to accomplish these tasks and others for nearly any vessel. HydroComp products have been used to aid in the design of high speed power boats a few meters long to ocean going vessels several hundred meters long. 

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  • Builders and Designers use HydroComp products to size equipment and make resistance and propulsion predictions before a ship is launched
  • Ship and boat owners use HydroComp products to evaluate changes to existing craft and optimize operations to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Propulsion Equipment Manufacturers use HydroComp tools to analyze, size and design the products they manufacture.
  • Those in the ROV, AUV and underwater vehicle business use HydroComp tools to analyze and design underwater vehicles, thrusters and other propulsors.
  • Governments and navies around the world use HydroComp products to make resistance and powering predictions when designing, modifiyng and operating a wide range of ships.
  • Universities and other academic institutions use HydroComp products for both teaching and research purposes.