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January 3, 2017

User log for PropCad notices

In cases where PropCad does not initialize the interface fully or in cases where PropCad does not display on the screen at all, an detailed text file can be generated to log the progress of the startup. This most commonly occurs when the driver for a dedicated graphics card (such as the NVidia Quadro series) does not support OpenGL. The log file is sometimes requested by HydroComp staff to evaluate problems with the PropCad software.

To generate a log file, add a "/d" as a command line argument. This can be done by running PropCad via the "Run..." utility in Windows.

For example, using the default installation directory on a 32-bit operating system:


    "C:\Program Files\HydroComp\PropCad\PropCad2017.exe"/d


On a 64-bit operating system in the default installation directory:


    "C:\Program Files (x86)\HydroComp\PropCad\PropCad2017.exe"/d


A file will be generated in the PropCad/Errors directory named PropCad2015Startup.log , which can be used to compare between systems. This file can also be submitted to HydroComp for further analysis. This log is different than the PropCad2015Error.log because it records the progress of the program during its initialization but does not log any error messages during this process.

RunPropCadWithDebug.png RunPropCadWithDebug.png

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