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September 15, 2016

PropCad - Inserting sections, adding root fillets

PropCad supports generation of the root fillet between the hub and the propeller blade.


To create the root fillet, the PropCad project requires the following:

  1. Valid hub and blade geometry.
  2. Root radius value (located in Hub Details).
  3. r/R section inside the hub.


To begin, open a propeller project. Once the hub and blade have been generated, you can define the Root radius in the Hub Details:

Hub details in PropCad 2016


Next, unlock the r/R column for manual edit so that the new r/R section can be added. This can be done by (a) right-clicking the r/R column header and selecting Entered, or (b) opening the Builder and setting the Radial Definition = Entered:

PropCad Builder with Radial Definition = Entered


The r/R column in the sections table is now enabled for editting. Additionally, the toolbar to the right of the table has the Add/Remove/Tools buttons for inserting and removing r/R sections from the distributions. Click the Add button to insert an r/R inside the hub:

Inserting a r/R section into PropCad


Regenerate the propeller to preview the 3D root fillet geometry:

3D fillet preview

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