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July 2, 2015

Troubleshooting a Workgroup License setup

We have a four-user Workgroup License with one user on a stand-alone key, and three licenses on the network key. I have installed PropExpert for my workgroup users, but they cannot run the software. Can you help?


Proper functioning of the Workgroup License relies on correct setup of a) the security key that is attached to a Workgroup License “host” computer (i.e., a license server), b) licenses stored on the key, c) communication between the key and the software, and d) how the software responds to the information it finds. The following checklist should help you identify why the software may not be responding and how to fix any problems that may exist.

    • Step 1. Plan your setup

Choose one computer on your network to act as the Workgroup License “host”. This computer will need to be on and running the license server (a “service” program that runs in the background). It is on this computer that you will attach the security key and install the server software.

    • Step 2. DO NOT attach the security key before installing the server software

If any keys are attached, unplug them and reboot your computer.

    • Step 3. Download and install the server software [supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows]

Download and run the server. (Run as Administrator.)
[Link: SafeNetSuperProNetServer766.exe]

    • Step 4. Plug in your security key

Your computer should recognize this newly attached hardware and pop up a message indicating that it found a “SafeNet USB SuperPro/UltraPro”. (Do not worry just yet if you do not get this message. Your computer may already have recognized this device and would not pop up the message.)

    • Step 5. Test your setup

The license server should be running once the installation is complete, so you can test the setup using the Workgroup License Utility. Make note of the IP address of this computer hosting the Workgroup License security key. It will be required for the client computer setup. Download and run the utility on a client computer to test the IP reference.
[Link: WorkgroupLicenseUtility.zip]

Note: If a client computer cannot properly communicate with the Workgroup License server, it may require download and installation of special drivers (even though they will not have a security key directly attached). Please click to the drivers page and install these on the client computer(s).

    • Step 6. Setup the IP reference on your client computers

Using the same Workgroup License Utility, test and set the IP reference on each client computer needing access to the HydroComp software. Once this has been referenced and set properly, your client computers will be able to check-out and check-in licenses and the software should run.

Note: You can also enter a registry setting directly on the client computer(s). The registry key for the IP address on the client computer is: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ HydroComp \ WorkgroupLicenseIP

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