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July 2, 2015

NavCad on 64-bit Windows

I am having some difficulty with NavCad on a computer running 64-bit Windows, notably with the security key driver installation and updates. Can you help?

NavCad itself functions properly on 64-bit Windows, but you will need to run a different security key driver setup. The one that was included on your NavCad CD (prior to September 2008) is only for 32-bit Windows. Newer installation CDs will have an updated security key driver setup that is compatible with 64-bit Windows. In the mean time, you can download the latest driver installation setup (supporting 64-bit Windows) from the Downloads page on our web site, at


Program update installations can also be a problem on 64-bit Windows. The small installer program that we currently use for updates is actually a 16-bit utility. We use this utility to reduce the size of the installation file (to make it “download-friendly”). We are investigating alternative installers for our maintenance updates that will work for all Windows platforms, but which keep the setup files to a reasonable size. For now, you can try running the update setups using a suitable “compatibility mode”.

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