Join us for a NavCad Training Course!

Instructor: Donald MacPherson, Technical Director
Schedule: TBD
3 September, 2018
Adina Hotel Hamburg, Michel, Hamburg, Germany

Learn skills that will enhance outcomes, user confidence, and project management in this one-day user proficiency seminar. This is particularly relevant for those using HydroComp NavCad with other software, such as CAD, CFD, or optimizing tools.

NavCad User Development Seminar is an extension of our typical software training class. It assumes that the participant has a basic understanding of the software, and will focus on high-value and relevant topics for the contemporary user – particularly those that plan to use NavCad in conjunction with other hull form and CFD tools.

Curriculum includes:

• A refresher on NavCad’s physics-based hydrodynamic and propulsion system simulation
• The characteristics of the Hull-Propulsor-Driveline-Engine “system”
• Using the library of [1D] and [2D] hull and propulsor component prediction models
• Documenting prediction reliability with Confidence Plots and Benchmark Vessels
• Engine and fuel data, including considerations for dual-fuel, LNG, and CO2 production
• Extracting necessary hull form data from geometry sources (CAD, tables, other software)
• Re-using existing assets from CFD and model tests for component prediction
• Optimization of hull and propeller components within NavCad, and strategies for use with third-party tools
• Modeling multi-element propellers, such as with nozzles, pods, or stators
• Conducting “Design Space Optimization” with NavCad simulation as a preparatory step for CFD or model testing

Premium Edition features addressed:
– Prediction of resistance and wave pattern elevations using the Analytical Distributed Volume Method
– Ship operation and duty-profile analysis, including fuel consumption and carbon footprint
– Scripting for batch calculations

Want to know more about NavCad Premium?
Attendees are eligible for a 30 day trial!

What’s new in NavCad?

• New Software-Based security options (omitting the need for a USB dongle)
• Substantial time savings running calculations
• Scale correction for improvements to full-scale MAU propeller performance prediction
• Calculation of mass fuel rate
• Improved hull-propulsor prediction for submarine and SWATH
• “Longitudinal Wave Source” plot for the “Advanced Distributed Volume Method” (ADVM), which shows longitudinal shape influence on wave-making resistance [Premium]
• Support for dual-fuel (MGO, MDO, HFO, LNG) [Premium]
• Prediction of CO2 greenhouse gas [Premium]

About the trainer

The NavCad User Development Seminar is conducted by Donald MacPherson, HydroComp’s Technical director.

Who should attend the Training Course?

This course is suitable for both new and experienced NavCad users, as well as potential users considering the acquisition of NavCad. Users that are considering an upgrade to the newest version or the Premium Edition are particularly encouraged to attend.

Do I need a NavCad license to attend?

The user seminar will include interactive case studies using the latest version of NavCad. Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop (and security key) with NavCad installed. Please contact HydroComp here if you have any questions.

What course materials are provided?

Participants will receive a course workbook.

Find out what you may be missing in hydrodynamic and propulsion system simulation with NavCad!


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