HydroComp Technical Director Donald MacPherson to present at FAST 2015 in Washington DC

We are pleased to note the upcoming technical presentation by Donald MacPherson, Technical Director, at FAST 2015 in Washington DC – “A critical re-analysis of the Series 64 performance data”. The Series 64 has been an oft-cited resource for the resistance prediction of high-speed transom-stern round-bilge hull forms. This paper discusses identified shortcomings in the published data that must be considered by anyone using the series.

In the course of development of a new prediction method for NavCad based on the Series 64 data, it became evident that there were significant inconsistencies and outliers in the published family of curves. This prompted a re-analysis of the series to identify potentially erroneous test results and conclusions in the original work. Part of the study involved the use of two features of the new NavCad Premium: scripting and wave-theory code. (NavCad Premium is the new supplemental module for power users.) The new scripting capability allowed us to run multiple batch resistance calculations for the 27 different models of the original series. The calculations employed the new “Prismatic Wave Drag” (PWD) module that predicts the components of bare-hull resistance, based not on overall hull parameters (such as L/B, CP) but with data for the longitudinal description of the immersed volume (sectional area, beam, and centroid distribution).

The paper illustrates the ill-fitting data sets in the series, explains a proposed filtering of spray drag from the published curves, and discusses the application of the PWD wave-making theory prediction method to generate a proposed new set of resistance curves for the Series 64.

We look forward to seeing customers, clients and colleagues in Washington DC at FAST 2015!

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