See Adam’s presentation on September 16 at SNAME Propeller/Shafting Symposium 2015 in Norfolk, VA!

September is a busy time for technical presentations, as HydroComp’s propeller geometry specialist and PropCad development lead, Adam Kaplan, will be presenting to the SNAME Propeller/Shafting Symposium in Norfolk VA – “Geometric Corrections for Propellers Patterns and Casting Molds”.

Once a propeller is designed, of course, it must be produced. One of the most common manufacturing methods for modern propellers is to create a foundry casting such that the final geometry can be machined through grinding or milling. To ensure the casting will encompass the final geometry, several geometric corrections may be applied to account for the sand casting manufacturing process. The corrections provide compensation due to solidification and solid shrinkages, machining tolerance, and distortion during cooling.

The objective of this presentation is to review and understand the mechanisms that result in geometric differences between the design and casting during the foundry process. Common correction strategies will be discussed for correcting design geometry for pattern creation. Lastly, an implementation of a generalized correction methodology will be demonstrated using HydroComp PropCad.

PropCad is software for the geometric modeling of marine propellers. It provides tools for the automatic preparation of 2D design drawings, 3D views, construction data, calculation of geometric properties, and CAD/CAM file export.

We look forward to seeing customers, clients and colleagues next week in Norfolk Virginia at SNAME Propeller/Shafting Symposium!