Will special expertise help your projects? HydroComp’s consulting services may be a cost-effective option to assist you in solving your most challenging applied hydrodynamic maritime problems. HydroComp will work to find a practical solution to your toughest problems.

In any given week, HydroComp staff are engaged in performing independent speed predictions, sizing and designing propellers for unique applications, evaluating vessel trial data, or developing custom software for clients around the world.

Technology R&D
HydroComp can assist an organization by solving a very specific problem. This problem could be a trade study on a particular marine technology, resistance and powering prediction of flow around a unusual hull form or development of a propulsor for a unique application. To solve typical marine design problems, HydroComp software can be used internally to provide an independent solution to a problem.

HydroComp specializes in providing real world solutions to the most challenging resistance and propulsion problems. Our expertise and flexibility allow for a wide variety of projects. HydroComp has an excellent track record of collaborating with experts from a variety of fields on successful projects.

Many companies look to HydroComp as a consulting partner – for projects large and small. In HydroComp’s history, we have provided technical consulting services to companies in many countries. Consulting work has ranged from small projects to provide an analysis for a propeller or hull design in a few days, to large projects which require extensive support for large-scale efforts, or even for custom development of specialized analytical software.

Case studies
These are real world examples of how HydroComp’s expert services and software can expand a company’ in-house capabilities in a timely and cost effective fashion. We are very proud of our part in helping companies apply leading-edge technology to a design project or a new product. The following case studies illustrate how HydroComp’s expert services and software are used.