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For hydrodynamic design and analysis of ships and other marine vehicles, design engineers turn to NavCad Premium Edition for the prediction of attainable speed and range, power demand, fuel consumption, even noise. For optimal propeller design, marine professionals pair NavCad with PropElements to obtain highest efficiencies. Read more about these tools and how to find efficiency in your fleet below.

NavCad Premium Features

• Steady-state propulsion analysis
• Bare-hull resistance prediction
• Added resistances
• Propeller selection
• Hull-propulsor interaction
• Vessel acceleration
• Supplemental analyses

Webinar Series – Finding ship efficiency with HydroComp NavCad hydrodynamic analysis software

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This three-part webinar series will present a non-invasive, easily-adopted, and cost-effective procedure to help ship operators (or their consultants) assess hull and propeller performance, and find efficiency in their fleet. Using the new and innovative Premium Edition of the industry-standard NavCad ship powering software, participants will learn the quick and simple steps to create a baseline model, calculate Key Performance Indicators of fuel and energy consumption, and evaluate the potential performance benefits of retrofit or maintenance activities.

RDSO (Rapid Design Space Optimization)Rapid Design Space Optimization (RDSO) with HydroComp NavCad Premium allows a naval architect to focus CFD resources on high-value computations and avoid irrelevant time and expense. Click here to learn more!

PropElements is software for detailed propeller design and analysis. It provides the ability to capture the performance of a propeller “on-the-hull” with HydroComp’s unique wake-adapted propeller design codes. Analyze existing performance for a given geometry, or let PropElements solve for optimum distributions of pitch and camber.

PropElements Features

• Design of optimum characteristics
• Analysis of performance
• Review of cavitation and other criteria
• Blade strength using beam theory
• Creation and export of KT-KQ curves
• Import/export for CAD/CAM/CFD/FEA
• Professional reports and plots

Video – About HydroComp PropElements 2017

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PropElements 2017 is the latest build of the company’s commercial software for marine propeller design and analysis. Propeller specialists will find it an essential addition to their software tools, and also tackles the component-level hydrodynamic needs of naval architects, marine engineers, propeller designers, and propeller builders.

Faster vessels | Quieter operations | Longer range | Less fuel

Achieve better operational efficiencies

HydroComp has over three decades of hydrodynamic expertise in systems analysis of marine vehicles. Naval architects, marine engineers, ship owners and operators rely on NavCad and PropElements

Physics-based Systems Analysis
Less power = Reduced fuel = Fewer emissions

Optimize Maintenance Schedules
Strategically choose when to clean propeller and hull.

Vessel Life Extension
Consider multi-fuel options or replacement of engine, gearbox, or propeller.

Energy Saving Devices
Optimize components, such as CRP, bulbs, or stators.

Improve CFD Effectiveness
Preparatory analysis for benchmarking and design space optimization.

Efficiency in Design
A “Tool Chain” for Hydrodynamic Analysis Workflow. Read more in this article published in The Naval Architect.

NavCad Premium Edition and PropElements are both “gold-standard” software from HydroComp, Inc., used by over 700 maritime professionals including naval architects and marine engineers in over 30 countries. As systems engineering tools, NavCad and PropElements assist in the design and delivery of ships with superior fuel performance, reduced emissions, and improved hydroacoustics.