Improve your propeller designs with this webinar on Classification Society calculations for blade thickness in this online training from HydroComp. We will focus on rule selection, application, calculations, and the meaning of the ambiguous and complex vocabulary in the rules from varying class socities. Our online training programs features remote online conferences, professional development, and workshops. We encourage our PropCad users as well as all propeller designers, builders, and surveyors to join us!

  • Free webinar – Propeller Thickness, Class Societies, and Compliance

    Click here to view the recorded webinar (June 4, 2015 – 11:15AM EST)…
    (Note: there is a 1:30 minute audio delay at the beginning.)
    In this webinar, HydroComp will review an important subject for propeller builders: compliance with classification society thickness rules. We will discuss selection of classification societies, rule applicability (for FPP/CPP, open/ducted, free-run/towing), materials, variations and similarities between society rules, and important “need-to-know” caveats that anyone using these calculations should master. We will clarify the classification language such as “wide-tip blades”, “washback”, “tip rake”, “section modulus”, and more. Lastly, we will review the new 2015 updates to the rules, as well as discuss the more complex rule subsets for naval and ice-class designations. Anyone who designs, builds, or inspects propellers will benefit from this webinar. Whether or not you are using PropCad, this webinar should not be missed!