Mark your calendars to join us on March 17, 18 2016!

HydroComp is offering two-days of PropCad Training in Durham, NH USA!

HydroComp is conducting a training course of PropCad®, HydroComp’s software for the geometric design of marine propellers. The focus of this course will be to introduce and review “Best Practices” for experienced, new, and potential users of PropCad. The optional second day will cover our new PropCad Premium Edition features, including Scan Converter and Pattern Corrections.

Training topics for Day 1 include a review of propeller geometry terminology, creating new designs, quickly creating design variants, application-specific design considerations, and exporting 2D drawings and 3D CAD/CAM files. The course will discuss propeller strength calculations, with a focus on selecting and applying appropriate classification society thickness rules. We will review techniques to modify existing designs, including tweaking existing radial distributions, defining and importing custom distributions, scaling and smoothing distributions, and creating template files. The Day 1 (8am-4pm) curriculum will include:

  • Creating new designs and design variants
  • Application-specific considerations
  • Exporting 2D drawings and 3D CAD/CAM files
  • Strength calculations and classification thickness reports
  • Modifying designs, distributions, and section offsets
  • Custom distributions and templates
  • Successful integration with CAD/CAM

This course is the ideal venue to quickly raise the level of your professional skills, and exploit the full capability and strength of the newest version of PropCad.

Training topics for Day 2 include a review of propeller manufacturing and inspection considerations, followed by discussions of propeller patterns, castings, and machining models – all of which are supported in the new Pattern Corrections tool. The course will also discuss propeller 3D scan data, which can be used to reconstruct existing propellers in PropCad with Scan Converter. The optional Day 2 (8am-Noon) curriculum will include:

  • Considerations for manufacturing
  • Creating machining models with Pattern Corrections
  • Creating propeller patterns with Pattern Corrections
  • Considerations for inspection
  • Reconstructing existing propellers with Scan Converter
  • Smoothing Scan Converter data

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