See the new features for NavCad Premium, HydroComp’s latest and most advance package containing a collection of major new capabilities!

  • Free webinar – Features of NavCad Premium

    June 16, 2015 – 11:15AM EST – Click here to watch this online training…
    In this webinar, Don MacPherson demonstrates some of the new premium tools including:

    Operating modes analysis. A comprehensive duty-cycle operating modes analysis module has been developed to predict total fuel consumption, engine load metrics, and key performance indicators for a variety of different user-defined operating mode definitions (e.g., Transit, Towing, Idle).

    Scripting. A new scripting (macro) module provides batch processing capability in two forms – from within the NavCad GUI or shelled by another application as a calculation engine. The latter offers the ability to run NavCad from third-party software as a coupled solver, such as from CFD, hull design software, onboard load software, spreadsheet, or simulation tool.

    Wave-theory resistance prediction. Longitudinal distributions of sectional area, waterplane, and area centroid are used to predict residuary resistance using a novel implementation of wave-theory code. Validation studies indicate exceptional quality and behavior for a broad range of hull types.

    Multi-fuel engine operation. Engine definition and calculation of fuel consumption is upgraded to provide support for dual fuel and other multi-fuel operation.

    And much, much more! See more about NavCad Premium.

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