Pattern Corrections with HydroComp PropCad Premium allows propeller designs and builders to rapidly create machining models, casting patterns, and molds directly from PropCad designs. Pattern Corrections is the best alternative to manual manipulation of the surfaces in general purpose CAD tools!

  • Free webinar – Design of Patterns with PropCad Premium

    Click here to watch the recorded webinar (February 17, 2016 – 11:15AM EST).
    HydroComp PropCad features a new Premium Edition utility for creating propeller patterns and mold geometries. The new “Pattern Corrections” utility allows users to rapidly create casting patterns, mold geometries, and machining models by specifying the machine stock and shrinkage factors to be applied to the original PropCad design model. These manufacturing corrections are applied directly to the propeller’s design parameters, allowing calculation and visualization of the resulting pattern’s sections, blade parameters, and radial distributions. In this webinar, we will debut the Pattern Corrections utility, create a pattern from an existing PropCad design, and demonstrate how adjustments to the pattern can be made rapidly and easily. This webinar is suitable for any existing or potential PropCad user who is involved in the manufacturing marine propellers.
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