30th year anniversaryHydroComp was formed as a corporation in 1984 by Jill Aaron [Managing Director] and Donald MacPherson [Technical Director]. This partnership continues to direct HydroComp’s evolution and growth to this day, resulting in a dynamic consultancy known worldwide for its software and services.

Responding to the growth in desktop computing during the mid-1980s, HydroComp introduced the first version of the NavCad® software in 1987. NavCad is still HydroComp’s flagship product, with users in all corners of the world from design to construction to academia. In addition to NavCad, HydroComp’s software products grew to include PropExpert®, PropCad®, and PropElements® – programs for propeller sizing & analysis, propeller CAD, resistance and powering, and sea-trial & analysis.

Consulting services have always been an important part of HydroComp’s business offerings. Using the same commercial software sold to industry (along with specialized codes when necessary), HydroComp provides a broad range of technical services to companies large and small. Combined with a progressive internal R&D program, these on-going technical services help keep HydroComp staff at the cutting edge of contemporary knowledge and expertise.

HydroComp developed a significant international presence early in its history. We now serve software customers and consulting clients in 60 countries. Most of the world’s major propulsion equipment manufacturers and research institutions count themselves among HydroComp’s clients. Supporting this worldwide effort over the last 25 years have been a number of representatives. We want to particularly thank retiring representative Design Systems & Technologies of Antibes, France, who were associated with HydroComp from 1992 to 2010.

HydroComp is justifiably proud of 30 years of enthusiasm by its staff, its dedication to its original mission, and the loyalty of more than 700 companies directly influenced by HydroComp software and services.